The 3rd Volunteer Battalion Warwicks Rifle and Pistol Club is a firm supporter of friendly competition.

Internal Ranked League

During the 2016-2017 committee year the Club Competition Secretary devised four internal club competitions in addition to the Christmas fun competitions. Participants are ranked against their peers adding a healthy but friendly competitive edge within the Club.

The Club competition rules are as follows:

10 Yard Standing Air Pistol

25 Yard Standing Rifle (0.22LR) Results

50 Yard Benchrest Rifle (0.22LR) Results

Wildcard Resilts

Christmas Competition

Unlike the internal ranked league Christmas competitions are a bit of fun held just prior to Christmas often with prizes (usually chocolate, wine etc) and are used as a social get together for as many of the Club Members as possible.

Details of the Christmas competition(s) will be circulated closer to the time.